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CPR Coaching Device

  Physio-Control has released TrueCPR, a coaching device designed to optimize manual CPR performance by measuring chest compressions and by providing high-quality feedback in real-time and following resuscitation. The apparatus is simple to use, portable, and requires no connection to a monitor or defibrillator. TrueCPR provides three levels of performance feedback to help response teams improve their CPR quality, including real-time, immediately after, and later for review.   The device utilizes new triaxial field induction technology, which provides accurate CPR depth measurement and helps guide rescuers to perform compressions of at least two inches (five centimeters) of depth. It also measures changes in a low-energy 3-D magnetic field generated by a reference pad placed beneath the patient and a sensor on the patient’s chest, continuously calculating the changing distance between the two points, as a caregiver performs manual compressions. For more information, visit Tags: Physio-Control, TrueCPR, CPR, Chest Compressions, Defibrillator, Education, Technology, inventionsPublished: 10/21/2013 1:22:00 PM Original Article… …

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