Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty is a surgical practice that is performed on the nose to permanently change its size and shape. The procedure is also known as “nosejob”. This surgery is done through reshaping the nasal bone made of cartilage. The skin on the nose is not transformed, however, once the underlying nasal skeleton is changed, the skin takes the new nasal shape. This surgical procedure can lead to a massive improvement in a person’s overall looks. Nonetheless, there are limits to what the surgery can achieve. These limitations may be due to the overall shape, size, and skin of the nose. Moreover, it has to be considered that the primary function of the nose is breathing, therefore, thinning of the nose might affect breathing negatively.

Closed Rhinoplasty vs. Open Rhinoplasty

There has always been a heated debate on whether the rhinoplasty surgery ought to be performed in a closed or open fashion. However, these two fashions are merely approaches. They are considered approaches because they refer to the method the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Miami uses to judge the nasal areas that should be altered. They do not refer to techniques. Techniques, in definition, are the methods through which the surgeon alters a particular area of the nose. The open rhinoplasty involves an incision into the column between the two nostrils, the columella. The closed rhinoplasty approach involves a number of incisions into the nose. No approach is better than the other. They are, in their own way, different and each one works best for different noses. Moreover, having the operation concluded within a day does not guarantee better results. Instead, there are noses that are best served with the open approach and others that are served most optimally with the closed approach.

What Grafts are used During Rhinoplasty?

Modern rhinoplasty procedures are different from rhinoplasty procedures performed years ago. Grafts are one of the greatest changes that have been introduced in the modern rhinoplasty procedure. Grafts are elements used to shape the nose, and in as far as rhinoplasty goes, they are made of cartilage. The Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Miami can change the shape of a nose by placing cartilage grafts in strategic areas.

Results of Rhinoplasty

Even though rhinoplasty is quite an easy and safe procedure, completely healing from the procedure can take some time. The nose’s tip is particularly sensitive and can stay swollen and numb for some months. The patient might seem fully recovered after a few weeks, however, some effects of the operation can stay on for months. It can take up to an year before some patients can fully recover the end result of the operation.